North American Takeover. That is the name of Fedde Le Grand’s current tour; and it speaks volumes. He is certainly taking over North America, and as witnessed, completely took over New York City. After over 3 hours of a mind blowing exhibition of expertise from Fedde, we are ready to make 3 bold statements on the record.

1)   Fedde Le Grand is a bidder as the #1 DJ when it comes to pure talent and skills; overly impressive build-ups and drops combine with the knowledge of how to take a dance club through an unforgettable journey.

2)   Fedde’s DJ sets are some of the most authentic performances you will witness.

3)   Fedde’s #14 ranking on DJ Mag’s Top 100, while still very high, is seemingly a snub. In fact, he could deservingly so, advance 10 places to the #4 spot, tucked right underneath Tiesto.

Fedde’s set was as complete as it gets. The veteran DJ attacked the boards from 1am to 430am mixing some of the funkiest, deepest, rowdiest beats. As Fedde came to a close, another superstar DJ snuck in the DJ booth for a short cameo; David Guetta. This was one of the more classic nights Pacha has seen, and luckily, I had exclusive sit-down access to an interview with Fedde.

 BDL & Fedde Le Grand

So it is not often we get to have you in America, how has the states been treating you so this time around?

It seems to get better every time I come back. I just can’t be in America as much as I would like to because there is the rest of the world as well – I kind of have to divide my attention. You can actually feel how the scene is growing each and every time I return; it is really great.


So I spoke to Hardwell last weekend, he spoke about the future of house music possibly being infused with hip-hop and appraised you for having done that already. Tell me about that unique style.

 Well, some hip-hop guys were playing ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’. When I was in Las Vegas 5 years ago, I would hear 3 or 4 house music tracks, and ‘Put Your Hands Up’ was one of them. I’ve had the urban feel to my music in the past. I am working on a song right now that is the same feel. To be honest, I am never actually concerned about trends. I just do what I think is right and that is the main thing. Ofcourse, I am influenced by what I hear but I am always going to go with my gut feeling.


So you went a different route with your current Single, your remix to Coldplay’s Paradise, which is on the very top of the beatport chart. Can you give me some background behind that track?

 Well Coldplay asked me to do the remix. A lot of the stuff I have been putting out this year has been between progressive and techno. It is something I have been feeling comfortable with at the moment so I wanted to go in that direction with the track. I still kept the integrity of the track itself. Every now and then you have these moments where everything comes together and I think with this track that definitely happened. It is my own favorite track at the moment

So you’re traveling with Deniz Koyu, and we spoke to Nicky Romero who had a lot of great things about you. Who are some of the young promising talents you believe in currently? 

 I think Nicky is not totally there yet but he is on his way. I discovered him about 3 years ago via my own site. Deniz is a bit different. I was playing a track of his, but the track was so amazing that I assumed he was already signed. Since I played that track so much and he found out, he sent me another song for a label to sign, which was ‘Tung’. I was blown away. He is so ridiculously talented. He is 26, so fairly young – I signed him to my label right away. We actually just finished a song together as well. He is my big promise for next year.


You released ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ 5 years ago. Now we are sitting here. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

 That is a good question. I’m not so sure if I look that far ahead. The music scene is something that moves so fast. For next year I am planning some interesting stuff. I am planning a full on show. I have been thinking about starting a new album. I have some new very interesting collaborations coming up. Basically, I am always looking for a new way forward.


What is the next exciting thing from Fedde Le Grand that fans can expect?

 Soon, the next thing coming up is the collaboration with Deniz Koyu and I, it is called ‘A New Day’. It is very special and It came out great!

After speaking to Fedde, hearing his set, and seeing him perform it is apparent why his fans have so much love for him. Listen to his top 5 notable tracks from Pacha NYC 12/9.

Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix)

TV Rock & Hook N Sling – Diamonds in the Sky

Fedde Le Grand vs Empire of the Sun – Walking on an Amplifier

Martin Solveig – Hello (Benjamin Bates Bootleg)

Fedde Le Grand & Patrick La Funk – Autosave